Blank Labels

Representing a fundamental form of product identification, our blank labels are an individual use solution for any industry. You can print your own information on a wide range of materials in all sorts of situations where uniform labelling is not possible. Available both in paper or foil, with permanent or washable adhesive, giving excellent print results on thermal or thermal transfer printers.

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    • semi-gloss paper, 
    • vellum paper, 
    • thermal paper ECO, 
    • TOP thermal paper, 
    • white foil PP, 
    • Transparent PP film, 
    • PE white foil, 
    • PE transparent film, 
    • PET film
    • Identification of short product series
    • Used as shipping, pallet, address and inventory labels in the logistics industry
    • Useful for printing barcodes, best-before dates and production information 
    • Solve e-commerce problems 
    • Used for labelling transport and shipping containers
    • Performing a vital role in weighing fruit and vegetables and labelling information at the point of sale
    • Mark hardware and track production processes
    • Self-printable 
    • Cost-effective labelling solution for variable information labelling 
    • Choice of printable material in any type of self-adhesive label printer
    • Ideal for FMCG and logistics products
    • Wide variety of shapes
    • Excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces
    • Suitable for mechanical or manual adhesion
    • Wide range of high quality materials
    • Perfectly integrated with industrial printers manufactured by such brands as Zebra, Sato, cab, TSC, Datamax 
    • Guarantees an ideal quality/price ratio
    • On-time delivery of high volumes throughout Europe 
    • Free from harmful BPA compound



Depending on the industry and product parameters, the requirements for unprinted labels may vary. Therefore, the choice of material remains crucial – to label your product properly, the properties of the labels must be determined so that they can be printed properly. 

Based on our extensive experience, we can provide informed advice in selecting the right combination of self-adhesive material and label adhesive for your thermal printer. We are available to assist you in recommending integrated self-adhesive label and transfer tape systems that allow you to apply information, graphics or barcodes to your thermal transfer printer.



ECO Thermal labels

Their characteristic features are economic printing and short lifecycle – they allow high speed printing with a high volume of labels. Designed for thermal printing, they are made of heat-sensitive paper and produced without the use of bisphenol. Resistant to UV light, alcohol, moisture, grease and high temperatures, they will prove particularly useful for FMCG products.


Thermal TOP labels

The ideal solution for individual thermal printing. Their protective double-sided coating is highly resistant to external factors such as oil, fat, moisture, alcohol or low temperatures. They provide extended durability and resistance to smudging.


Thermal transfer labels

Widely used in contact with dry food and PE film packaging. Printed with specialized thermal transfer ribbons that produce text and graphics with the best possible legibility and resistance to external factors. Well-integrating the label material and the TTR ribbon gives high quality printouts with reliable adhesion and high resistance to smudging and scratching. They are also suitable for use as waterproof labels.

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