Functional Labels

A standard label is not what you are looking for? Simply choose our specialty labels with multiple features! We offer peel off and open close solutions, sealing labels and VOID security labels. If wishing to fit long content in a small space, peel off and reseal the label or leave a visible residue after peeling off, our functional labels are the one dedicated to you.

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    • semi-gloss paper, 
    • vellum paper, 
    • thermal paper ECO, 
    • TOP thermal paper, 
    • white foil PP, 
    • Transparent PP film, 
    • PE white foil, 
    • PE transparent film,
    • PET film
    • Cover
    • Sandwich
    • Void
    • Printed in up to 10 colours – both adhesive side and liner side
    • Allows a wide choice of varnishes
    • Ideal for cold stamping
    • Laminating
    • Embossing
    • To preserve product freshness, open close labels are used in the food industry for pasta, groats, nuts and herbs. However, they are also used in the cosmetics industry, especially in the labelling of wet wipes.
    • Security labels have a protective function in various industries. They can be used to protect equipment in the electronics industry, to secure the packaging of cosmetics in the beauty industry, as well as the packaging of medical products in the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Peel off labels provide additional printing space for detailed instructions, multilingual versions, or product composition. This is an ingenious solution for companies that use the back label as a carrier for marketing content and can place the required descriptions on the reverse side of the label.
    • Wide selection of materials
    • Suitable for a variety of surfaces
    • High protection against manipulation
    • High resistance to grease and oils
    • Re-sealable and re-openable
    • Protects brand identity
    • Consumer safety guaranteed
    • Securing manufacturers’ business concerns
    • Intelligent advertising solutions
    • High adhesion reliability
    • High resistance to weather conditions



The process of producing functional labels is often based on the use of non-standard materials – we print on paper or polyester, polyamide or polycarbonate film. Although we often use a selectively applied adhesive, we commonly select an adhesive according to individual customer needs. Thereby, we combine decorative and informative functions while guaranteeing reliable product protection.


Open close labels

A functional solution for the design of PP and PE mono-material packaging that facilitates the recycling of packaging, by extending its lifespan. These labels enable the packaging to be opened easily and closed securely, while protecting the brand identity. They combine functionality and brand integrity, especially within the food and cosmetics industries. Selecting the right adhesives preserves the properties of labels even after exposure to fragrances, oils or chemicals.


Sealing labels

Used for authentication, as a way of confirming that products have not been opened or tampered. You can apply them to all kinds of surfaces: foil, cardboard, paper, plastic, or metal – even the uneven ones! Thanks to their extremely strong adhesives, they guarantee a high level of security even under extreme conditions.  Can be easily resealed without damaging the opened package – in this way, your product will remain fresh and perfectly protected for a long time.


VOID labels

These labels belong to the group of security labels. It is impossible to peel them off unnoticed: if you try to peel them off, the label will be destroyed and the words „VOID” or „VOID OPEN” will appear where they used to be. When this type of label is destroyed, it indicates that an unauthorized person has opened the package. It is especially important if the label is a warranty seal – its damage means that the warranty is automatically void.

We produce these types of labels from various types of film, such as PP, PE or PET. We offer customization of inscriptions, colours, holographic film, gloss, and matte. We select the material individually in relation to the customer’s needs and the final intended use of the label.


Peel off labels

Our peel-off labels offer everything you need for innovative product design and labelling. Using the latest technology in production and printing, our two-layer peel off labels provide up to three times more design space. The front side is perfect for a decorative presentation, the inner side for all relevant information. 

We use a variety of innovative solutions: from tamper-evident to personalization. We use dedicated inks and hologram foils on the front of the label, drawing customer attention to your products.

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