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Outstanding quality and high performance, environmental care and a wide range of decorative elements – our labels for cosmetics and home detergent packaging meet all the industry regulatory criteria highlighting your product at the same time. Lasting label solutions ensure that our labels retain their aesthetic value over the life of the product and positively influence the creations of packaging designs without compromising on the efficiency level.



A reliable label for your product is what you need? You’ve come to the right place. We make it possible to perfectly match labels to different types of products, guaranteeing complete product-brand conformity. We are aware of the importance of a well-thought-out and attractive design in the branding process. Therefore – as labelling experts – we will guide you through the entire production process: from the selection of material, through the design phase, to the selection of refinement, resistance levels and safety. At all times using the best materials available!



It is crucial to know the requirements and limitations of size, shape, material and flexibility of packaging even before the label design process begins. Our team has an excellent understanding of what to consider during the design phase of cosmetics and toiletries products.


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Labels provide safety for both consumers and manufacturers – they are able to protect companies from lawsuits or unnecessary fines. Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are subject to absolute laws regarding content of the information that must be included on their labels. The regulations to be complied with concern reliable product labelling, quantity declarations or detailed ingredient lists and relevant warnings.


  • Due to direct body contact with cosmetics and toiletries, their labels play a key role in protecting consumers from harmful substances and external factors. Our metallic VOID labels and security seals will protect your consumers by clearly indicating any tampering and verifying the authenticity of the product.

  • Flexible containers present new labelling challenges: labels require high resistance to endure in humid environments, while remaining aesthetically pleasant and informative. Reliably flexible and robust, our labels have been specially developed to withstand a wide range of challenging conditions.

  • By customizing solutions for various types of packaging, we ensure that a profiled or semi-rigid container demonstrates the quality of your product. Regardless of the environmental conditions, using durable materials and state-of-the-art adhesives, you can be sure there”ll be no compromising on the appearance and properties of our labels designed for semi-rigid container.

  • High-quality cosmetic products and toiletries are usually sold in PP containers or other inflexible packaging made of glass or PET. Thanks to our transparent labels, you can achieve an „invisible label” effect. Other variations include a selection of our soft-touch, textured, embossed, matt and metallic labels, all of which will create will create the finishing touch to attract new customers by styling your packaging with flair and individuality.

  • Beyond taste, simplicity and versatility. Applied to transparent packaging, our special clarity labels accentuate a sophisticated label look that will make your product shine from the shelves. 

  • Labels with a unique set of properties that predetermine them for a wide variety of applications, especially among personal care brands. BOPP labels guarantee high durability and resistance to abrasion, moisture, water and oil.




Design is the initial phase involved in producing environmentally friendly packaging. On the basis of our eco-design strategy, we select materials that minimize the demand for materials, thus making recycling possible. On top of this, they provide a renewable alternative to fossil fuels and reduce the negative impact on the environment.


Are you committed to investing in high quality labels? Then how about incorporating your own brand story into its design, while making a deeper connection with your customer? As we believe in the value of innovative designs, we rely on storytelling. Thus, the label is no longer just one of the components, but a foolproof recipe for launching a product. An engaging, yet practical and consistent label is a recipe for shaping beliefs, promoting social goals and setting new standards.


A circular economy revolves around packaging produced from a single polymer. Keystone to the development of a 'mono’ culture are therefore our traditional labels made of polypropylene and polyethylene. They provide the possibility to label packaging made of similar polymers, maintaining a mono-material structure that will be used in the recycling process.


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