Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons, a wound roll with a heat-sensitive film, are a solution that allows you to independently apply text information, graphics and barcodes to your label, regardless of the structure of its surface. Thermal transfer printing with ribbons is a guarantee against abrasion, scratches and adverse weather conditions. Recommended for printing cardboard, foil, paper labels: coated and uncoated on thermal transfer printers.

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    • wax
    • wax-resin
    • resin
    • Wosk PP 101
    • Wax PP 101
    • Premium wax 102
    • Wax Resin PP 202
    • Wax Premium Resin PP 203
    • Wax Edge Resin PP 401
    • Coated paper 
    • Uncoated paper
    • PE foil
    • PP film
    • PET film
    • PVC film
    • Laminates
    • Warranty seals
    • Textile stickers
    • Effective solution for printing with a high number of variable data
    • Suitable for use on various formats of thermal transfer labels
    • Wide range of TTRs for customised applications on diverse raw materials
    • Integrated self-adhesive label and TTR system for self-printing
    • Perfectly matched to the label material
    • Available in standard roll widths and lengths
    • Made-to-order in accordance with specifications
    • Compatible with well-known brand name thermal transfer printers
    • TTR dedicated for special weather conditions 
    • Capable of printing at the highest speeds
    • Resistant to oils and chemicals



We’ll help you find an efficient and economical solution tailored to the label material and your requirements for pigment density, durability, smudge and scratch resistance. As a result, you’ll benefit from high-contrast printouts with product drawings, fine lines, small print and barcodes with excellent legibility.

As Europe’s leading specialists in self-adhesive technology, we offer professional solutions: labels and perfectly matched TTR ribbons integrated with your thermal transfer printer. The ribbons we produce are a promise of excellent print quality, 100% opacity, 100% quality, long lasting performance, resistance to abrasion and harsh external conditions.


WAX TTR- made for rough surfaces

The most economical quality group, providing clear prints with high optical density that easily stand the test of time. They are able to fill the most uneven surfaces. Specially designed for low energy printing applications, especially for cardboard and paper labels that perform best on rough surfaces.


WAX-RESIN TTR - made for high speed quality

Guaranteed detailed prints with high readability on smooth surfaces. Suitable for film labels with the highest quality requirements. Compared to wax ribbons, they offer higher resistance to abrasion and scratching as well as harsh weather conditions. They allow printing at maximum speed. The thermal transfer limits the influence of external factors on the print result, thus ensuring high performance in terms of durability and resistance – often required and regulated by food or pharmaceutical production processes.


RESIN TTR - made for exceptional durability

Designed for smooth film surfaces and PP, PE, PVC plastics. Their properties enable accurate and high-quality printing results. They are particularly resistant to abrasion and scratching, as well as to petrol, alcohol and some solvents. Thermal transfer printing with resin ribbons are a preferable choice for applications requiring resistance to:

  • certain chemicals such as IPA, ethanol,
  • oils such as motor oil, vegetable oil, etc,
  • extreme temperatures – both hot and cold
  • frequent use and heavy abrasion by scratching, smearing or rubbing

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