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Logistics and shipping labels aim to communicate significant information about a shipment. In addition to tracking data that can identify the parcel, shipping companies often include labels that convey warnings or instructions to recipients.These messages ensure that the parcel remains undamaged during transport or during its handling by the consignee.



Be prepared for anything and let your parcel reach the right destination. We provide high-quality labels that are weatherproof – fluctuating temperatures or humidity won’t affect the durability or readability of your label. Our solutions provide peace of mind: you’ll sleep soundly knowing that your labels remain firmly attached to cartons, parcels or pallets, while retaining their permanence and clarity.



Labels are exposed to fluctuations in temperature and humidity both indoors and outdoors. Over time, these conditions can damage the label and its readability. Therefore, our labels are designed for long-term storage in challenging conditions. In addition, automated processes in warehouses require labels that satisfy a variety of requirements – they should not only stick well to wood and film, but also be scannable from a distance. The key is our ideal combination of label material and adhesive.



Authenticate, track and secure your parcels with our high-performance variable information labels, whether used by small independent retailers or large global companies. We stand behind streamlined logistics processes and enhanced product security.




  • Barcode labels to manage the flow of goods have become an integral part of logistics, manufacturing and retail. They enable product information to be read in a split second and ensure the efficient flow of goods. Packages, boxes and packaging units are clearly labelled and identified.

    • Labels for heavy loads

    It is difficult to determine the weight of a package just by looking at it. Therefore, by labelling items with our heavy-duty labels, we increase the technical awareness of employees responsible for transporting heavy packages.

    • Warning labels 

    Awareness of warning labels provide information on how to correctly handle the packaging and its contents. Their proper use will reduce product damage and ensure operator safety

    • Warning heavy labels

    Lifting heavy objects requires appropriate methods. By labelling heavy items correctly, you lower the risk of injury in the process of transporting the package.


  • Subject to varying temperatures and moisture, our labels protect product information even in the face of the most extreme conditions. By using premium materials, we protect the efficiency, readability and durability of our labels

  • Streamline and simplify the preparation and dispatch of your orders. They are fully customizable and designed to match your business perfectly. A roll of labels containing basic layout and information allows us to instantly print variable data such as addresses and barcodes – exactly as and when you need it. Our large selection of mailing label materials, shapes and sizes means that whatever your industry, we can quickly create the perfect mailing label with the specific quantity or quality of information you need.

    No matter the situation, our labels can cope: whether on different types of boxes and packaging films, rough or smooth surfaces, or in cold or damp environments. In addition, our special adhesives enable secure labelling of shrink film for securing pallets.



In order to comply with safety and quality standards, traceability is essential in many industries, at the core of production and processing, logistics, product distribution and transport. The traceability of products, batches and specific ingredients takes place from the product to the producer („upstream tracing”) or from the producer to the consumer („downstream tracing”).  It is intended to ensure the traceability of products, avoiding inaccuracies. Thus, it is possible to identify and eliminate errors and their causes through the production process, as well as to discover relevant weaknesses and optimization opportunities. As a result, the safety of both the consumer and the producer is protected.


A special type of logistics label, increasingly required as standard in cooperation with large retail chains. It is used to identify a logistic unit according to GS1 system standards, to meet the needs of all participants in the supply chain. Due to the larger capacity of the code used, the GS1 label can contain more information about the product than a traditional label with an EAN code. The upper part contains visually legible information, describing the content of a logistic unit, as well as other data important for the carrier or recipient. The lower part contains coded data in the form of a barcode.


We deliver eco-friendly solutions that will stand up to whatever task you challenge them with. Our EcoFriendly shipping labels offer exceptionally high quality without sacrificing efficiency. They come from 100% recycled materials.


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