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    Your products recognized better

    We deliver labels that meet sustainable demands, optimize production cost and fulfill regulatory requirements at the same time. Give your business a competitive edge with our label solutions based on the essential aspects and purpose of labelling without wasting money on features you don’t need.

Our expertise

We take care of everything from design, through material and adhesive selection to ready made label.

Label Solutions

All brands need labels

Our solutions are as diverse as your needs. We help brands, producers and designers to choose the right label that will work specially for their industry. Our labels come in any shape, size or color you need them to be so that they match perfectly with the product’s design and technical requirements to give your general image a boost.


Personal&Home care


Label design studio

Packaging design matters

Last, but not least…

Label is one of those essential things you need but don’t think about until it’s too late. Labels protect your products and satisfy regulatory requirements around food safety, health and environment protection. Label design help you make a lasting impression with your customers and increase brand awareness, making them an integral part of the marketing mix too! We believe that good design is as simple as possible.

Labelling goes back to basis, goes back to simplicity and clarity. Let’s recycle design together. Make it simple. Make it clear. Make it eco-friendly.

That’s the idea of our „gentle label”.

Our team will walk through every step of the process & save your time


Your needs investigation 1 day

(1 day)

  • Sustainable demands
  • Variable printing parameters setup
  • Pricing
  • General terms of sale agreement
  • Delivery time estimation

Design Development

(1-5 working days)

  • Detailed technical specification
  • Selection of size and shape
  • Design concept
  • Selection of color palette, fonts, graphics and information
  • Presentation of artwork
  • Material selection
  • Refinement selection



  • Raw material order
  • Paints order
  • Polymers on request
  • Die ordering
  • Printing


(2-3 working days)

Sustainability in charge

Earth friendly labels. A responsible choice

Sustainable decisions requires from us to consider environmental, social and cultural, as well as economic impacts as we move forward sustainable material decisions. Our Label concept provide insight into sustainability and encourage Clients to explore the benefits of these practices.

We want to show you how we can do things differently. Let’s talk about sustainability together!

Technology support


Flexography is an economical, high-quality label printing solution. It’s suitable for handling large-scale labels as well as variable repeat lengths. Flexo printing has allowed us to print for everyone who wants beautiful labels.
Long lasting and reliable labels in any environment. Labels you can rely on at a price that won’t break the bank.


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